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Three Poems

by Ignacio Carvajal


What is it
you are so sad about?

I’ve lost the language w/
which to speak of home.

You know that word
in more than I can count.

And so it is of others
— never of my own.


You must learn to think of our passion that way.
Each kiss was real, then
each kiss left the face of the earth.
— Louise Glück

There must be a reason
for your hatred of people.

They are all fools.

Am I a fool?

I said all.
Not just they.

And you, then?

I never claimed
to be better.

But you are better.
You are best.

You change your mind
at such alarming rates.


Is there a moment
as you lie with them
when you remember me?

I remember you every single
time I am horizontal.

And so, do you — in them —
seek what in me you see?

There is only you in you.
I think I, too, can
carry some at times.

Where do you take it, me?

To all of place and song.

What is there, then, to miss,
my love?

In every song and place.

Ignacio Carvajal is Costa Rican. He lived in Kansas from ages 13 to 22. He will soon finish his PhD in Latin American Literature at UT Austin. He is a member of the Latino Writers Collective of Kansas City. His poetry recently appeared in The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States.