the me.jpg

The me, me, me. This is me.

by Maria Yanez

or mind fuck.
I have this blessing called va gi na
I love the word woman every part of me belongs to
these five letters and I like wearing my hair loose
and red lipstick and high heels, and flirt with beards
and tuxedos and cigars. My breasts inflated ready to be held by
lover’s man hands while I love from inside out.
I observe the days, the nights
everything that surrounds me, avidly.
But I see one hundred worlds more with my eyes closed:
I cherish the moments I feel
masculine blue black sex
I see minidress and breasts and warm behinds
and get turned on by the sight of such a figure
androgyny kicking in. I reconstruct a second life
sharing a bed with Aphrodite
her hair the same in length as mine
(covering her cinnamon bosom)
her wondrous black eyes while I eat
the things she offers with utmost
– My mouth a big cave. Savage like tiger like bear.
I travel from thought to thought. A library of pleasure principles
while I let my finger tips
play the invisible piano and prepare
for the eruption to come
SPLASH! like lava like cappuccino foam.
I open my eyes to see Zeus or Hera in my bed
my brain confused. I touch and see
I’m a woman again and I say goodbye to the man I was in my
transition from awake to asleep.
Until next time.

Maria Yanez is a Mexican performance arts artist and poet. In Maria’s perception of life there is no molds, no rules, no set ideas. She unfollows conventional and traditional guidelines and she makes that clear in her creative work. Maria currently lives in Columbus, Ohio and writes poetry in English and in Spanish.