Submissions are now open year-round.

OUT/CAST publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art about anything Midwestern and/or queer (though neither of these are absolute requirements for publication). Please read a previous issue or two to get a feel for what we publish before submitting.

Submission requirements for each genre are below.

Send your submission to with your genre in the subject line (e.g. “Fiction Submission”) and your submission(s) attached in a single Word, PDF, or Pages file. Include a cover letter where you very briefly tell us about yourself and your submission, as well as a 50-word (or less) third-person bio.

Please do not include any identifying information in the attached document unless it is a necessary part of the submitted work itself. Ensure that each piece within a submission is clearly titled and marked. If all works in a submission must be considered as a set, just let us know.

If you are part of the queer community or any other underrepresented communities (especially if you live in the Midwest) and feel comfortable identifying yourself as such, please let us know in your cover letter — your work is more than welcome.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but let us know right away if a piece is no longer available by replying to your original submission email.

No previously published work, unless it was published in print only. Please inform us when this is the case so we can give proper credit to the outlet of first publication.

We ask that you have only one active submission, in one genre, at a time. We tend to reject multiple submissions from the same person without reading them.

If your work is accepted, please wait six months before submitting again. If we cannot accept your work, feel free to submit again right away.

Fiction/creative nonfiction: Send 1-3 pieces of under 1,000 words each.

Poetry: Send 1-3 poems of under 50 lines each (including blank lines—and note our site’s formatting to ensure your poem can be formatted properly if published).

Visual art: Send 1-3 photos, digital art, etc. Size-wise, if it’ll look good on our site, it’s probably fine. JPG, PNG, GIF only. Include the title of each work in its corresponding file name. Attach a separate text file that lists the title, medium, and date of creation for each work, as well as an optional artist’s statement.