Founding Editor-in-Chief


Christine M. Hopkins is a queer Haitian American writer and journalist originally from the Bay Area, now living in Iowa. Her current and previous lit mag experience includes reading/editing at Pidgeonholes, |tap| lit magCleaver MagazineSketch Magazine, and the North American Review. When she’s not working at the library, she reports on women’s basketball at SB Nation’s Swish Appeal. You can follow her on Twitter @hoptine.

Founding Editor

Thursday Simpson is a multimedia artist living between Peoria, Illinois and Iowa City, Iowa. Her first chapbook, Three Gothic Stories, is published with Moonchaps. She composes soundtracks for her writing and maintains a prog, analog synth based aesthetic. She believes in Feline Satan and garlic and onions. Ask her to do an impression of King Diamond or Kevin Steen and she will probably smile. Her Twitter is @JeanBava and her full publication history can be found at

Associate Editor


Miguel A. Soto is a queer Latinx, emerging writer, residing in Chicago, IL. He is the Assistant Managing Editor and Book Reviews Editor for Jet Fuel Review. Currently, he is working on a reading column, titled Not Your Binary: A QTPOC Reading Column. His writings appear or are forthcoming in OUT/CASTThe Rising Phoenix ReviewRogue Agent, and EFNIKS. His Twitter is @xicanxlibre.



Courtney Felle is a sophomore at Kenyon College. Her writing currently focuses on the landscape of queerness, illness, and gender, and can be found in Chautauqua Literary JournalRag Queen PeriodicalHalf Mystic Press, and Brain Mill Press, among others. Outside of her work with OUT/CAST, she edits Body Without Organs Literary Journal and reads for Helen: A Lit Mag and the Kenyon Review.

Christopher Smith is a graduate of DePaul University with a Master of Art in Writing and Publishing, and Baker University with a BA in English. He’s been published in Eclectica Magazine and was a contributing writer for the literary magazine Niche. He is readying a poetry chapbook, Is Choosing a Goat Like Choosing a Dog? for publication in Fall 2018, and is at work on revising an untitled LGBTQ young adult novel set in Kansas. When he’s not writing or working his day job in an office in Chicago, he can be found spending time with his husband, Exal, and cat, Ezra. He’s been known to spend a Sunday bingeing Bob’s Burgers and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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