Lessons in Physic[ality]s

by Sara Marron

That doesn’t go into the science
(of how we lean closer across the table)
but when we say it, we really mean the “cannot be deduced
(you deduce me)
from any other proposition or assumption.”
(I propose we go inside)
Basically for quantum mechanics it means that a perfectly accurate calculation
(I calculate the number of buttons between me and your skin)
would take what we know about Newton’s laws of classical physics, diagram a quantum system
(systems colliding between me and you)
and solve it with zero assumptions.
(your assumptions of me equal zero)
In philosophy, first principles are taught by Aristotelians,
(I listen to you like Plato)
nuanced versions of first principles
(my principle philosophy kissing your principles into Nietzschean whispers)
are referred to as postulates by Kantians
(referred to here, as two becoming one).

Sara Marron is a writer from New York City currently living in Washington, D.C., studying to become a lawyer. She believes in the power of words in every application, with imagination adjudicating as the great equalizer. She has two cats and uses a chess table for meals. Read more of her work here.