Editors’ Note

“State of the States” contest winner:
maze, a poem by Grace McGovern


Impossible Tracks | Friday Faraday
Caffeine | Veronica Friend


Aliens & Mermaids | Suzanne Samples
How To Stay Christian in High School | Rowan Aubrey Sloane


Three Poems | C.L. Cummings
The me, me, me. This is me. | Maria Yanez
Love at First Gunsite | José Enrique Medina
Sonnets for the Baby I Was Last Night | Akpa Arinzechukwu
38 Pierrepont | Kevin Bertolero
Lessons in Physic[ality]s | Sara Marron
I’ll be fine | Cara Neel
Achilles and Patroclus Were Gay | Marilee Goad

visual art

Let Us Be; Breakthrough | Eris Gentle
Neptune’s Maidens | Sapphire Sheherzad Hanif