Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading the second issue of OUT/CAST! We are thrilled and humbled at the growth and support we’ve experienced this summer.

We held our first contest and received many great pieces to consider. The entry fees were split 50-50 between our winner, Grace McGovern (whose poem “maze” is Issue 2’s featured piece), and Trans Lifeline, an organization staffed by trans people that helps fellow trans people in crisis.

We have also hired three readers to help us work through our submissions. Brittany Burton, Hilary Ellis-Manogue, and Christopher Smith have all added so much to our effort and vision for OUT/CAST (and, of course, helped us greatly in reading our ever-increasing backlog).

And with the work in our second issue now standing alongside our first, the tone and aesthetic of OUT/CAST continues to grow and expand, highlighting the diverse realities that make up queer and Midwestern life.

Thank you again for reading our second issue. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the work we’ve published, and also look forward to continuing to grow and expand the voice and reach of OUT/CAST.

All the best,

Christine M. Hopkins
Thursday Simpson