OUT/CAST is a journal of queer Midwestern fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Here are just a few ways you can interpret “queer Midwestern”:

  • Queer Midwesterners writing about anything

  • Queer Midwesterners writing about queer and/or Midwestern stuff

  • Non-queer and/or non-Midwesterners writing about queer and/or Midwestern stuff

That said, we’ll also take any writing from anyone, as long as the work and its author respect our vision.

Also: while we love to see work by writers who are queer and have Midwestern connections, we also recognize queer writers’ right to keep themselves as out as they want to be, hence the grey area. In this vein, we also allow submissions with pseudonyms, pen names, or any other non-legal names. Feel free to reach out if you have questions/concerns about privacy or anything else.

OUT/CAST nominates for Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions, the Pushcart Prize, and Bettering American Poetry.

We like:

  • Rural/suburban queer experiences

  • Work from queer PoC and Midwestern PoC (and all intersections therein)

  • Tales of moving from somewhere else to the Midwest (or vice versa)

  • Writing that is validating, even if it’s not hopeful

We don’t like:

  • Non-queer, self-identified “allies” that make everything about them

  • Unchallenged queerphobia (homo-, trans-, ace-, etc.), but also racism, sexism, bestiality, fatphobia, and so on

OUT/CAST publishes twice a year and we are open for submissions year-round (except for the months of publication, March and September). If you don’t hear back from us regarding your submission in three months, please feel free to query us. We will email all contributors when the issue with their work comes out.

OUT/CAST reserves the right to immediately remove any published work that we learn was written or created by an abuser.

Submissions to OUT/CAST will always be free. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay contributors at this time. Although we recognize the necessity of financially compensating queer writers for their labor, we just don’t have the funding.

We ask for first-time electronic publishing rights, but all rights revert to you upon publication. We kindly request that if you republish work that appeared here first, you credit us with first publication.

Interested in supporting OUT/CAST financially? Your PayPal donations will go toward site upkeep. Thank you!